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How to create an HTML signature file
Follow the instructions below to make an HTML signature file that you can use for your Email programs that support HTML signatures.

Step 1 :
Right click this link and select Save Target As. Save the file as sig.htm to your Desktop.

Step 2 :
Right-click the sig.htm file on your desktop and move your mouse over Open With... and click Notepad.

Step 3 :
Now create your signature from and copy the HTML signature code.

Highlight the squares in the sig.htm file as shown below and replace them with your HTML signature code.

Step 4 :
Your sig.htm file should look similar to the example below without the yellow box. The yellow box is only for this example to highlight the signature code. It's OK to have empty line spaces as shown.

Close your sig.htm file after you paste your signature into it and save it when asked.

You're done! You can now use this signature file for any Email program that supports HTML.

You can repeat the steps above and make multiple signature files to swap signatures easily from within your Email program. For instance you could name one welcome.htm and use that for your Welcome signature. You could name another one love.htm and use that for an I love You signature.

When sending Email with Outlook Express for example you can select what signature file you want to use for that message.

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