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Adding signatures to your Outlook Express Emails
Follow the instructions below to have your signature automatically appear on all Emails you send using Outlook Express.

Step 1 :
Create your HTML signature file as shown here.

Step 2 :
Open Outlook Express and click Tools/Options from the top menu bar. Under the Options menu select the signature tab and click the New button to create a new signature for your Emails.

Also make sure you have the Add signatures to all outgoing messages box checked like shown below.

Step 6 :
Under edit signature select the file option and then click the Browse button. Make sure you have the Files of type on HTML files as shown below and then select your sig.html file from your Desktop and click Open.

Step 7 :
Make sure to set your new signature file your default signature by clicking the Set as Default button. By having it your deault signature it will be the first signature used when sending Emails.

You're done! Try and send an Email to see if your signature works. It should look simliar to the example below.

You can repeat the steps above and make multiple signature files to swap signatures easily from within your Email program. For instance you could name one welcome.htm and use that for your Welcome signature. You could name another one love.htm and use that for an I love You signature.

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