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Adding signatures to your Yahoo! Mail messages
Updated 8/31/2005

Follow the instructions below to have your signature automatically appear on all Emails you send using Yahoo! Mail.

Step 1 :
• Select Mail Options from the navigation bar.

Step 2 :
• Click the Signature link.

Step 3 :
• If the HTML toolbar is not yet visible, click Color and Graphics.

• After Clicking the Color and Graphics link you will see a toolbar like shown below.

Step 4 :
VERY IMPORTANT STEP: Click the View HTML Source box like the image shows below. Then delete the little code that is placed in the box after you click View HTML Source.

Step 5 :
After you delete the extra code from step 4 and you have an empty signature box and View HTML Source is selected, paste your signature in the box. Then click Save.

You're done! Your signature will now appear in all Emails you send out, Enjoy!

If you want to see how your signature will look before using it you can click the Signature link again like you're going to edit it. You will then see how it will appear in your Emails. You can also send a test EMail to see how it will look for others.

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